Harare, Zimbabwe — Is It Really The Worst City On Earth?

Harare, Zimbabwe — Is It Really The Worst City On Earth?.

Harare 1 harare 2 Harare 3 Harare 4

Some of the photos of Harare, Zimbabwe




Exceptionally written piece. Politics aside Zimbabwe can never be the worst city in the world as you rightly put it.  The city has however deteriorated (It was once called the sunshine city) and could have been a better place had it not been for the 15 years of economic decay we experienced. As a nation that was used to the donor syndrome and  credit lines from the world bank and IMF, the instant withdrawal of such services from the world left Zimbabwe in a state of shock. This shock affected all industry sectors and will take a very long time for the country to recover from this shock.  If we were discussing politics then we would say this kind of shock was designed for political reasons…But as you rightly put it…No politics.

I am impressed by your analysis. However stress levels are high in Zimbabwe due to load shedding and water rationing (This is from a personal experience), but such levels can not warranty it to be the worst city in the world.

I would recommend that you check the criteria used for ranking these cities and then do the analysis with such a checklist.  It will be interesting to note  how Harare fares on crime, hospitality, literacy, internet connectivity, cell phone penetration, housing standards, etc


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One Response to Harare, Zimbabwe — Is It Really The Worst City On Earth?

  1. Avery Pilgrim says:

    Three cheers. Well said. Long discouraged by nearly everyone I know from going to Zimbabwe, last year I finally ignored their jeremiads and was in Zimbabwe from May through July. Absolutely enjoyed it. I heard the then US Ambassador extol the virtues of Zimbabwe in such fulsome praise that one might be forgiven for confusing him with the Zimbabwe Minister of Tourism.

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