Taking a World Class View on Economic Instruments for Good Environmental Practices
environment 2
A Discussion of Economic Instruments Available to Zimbabwe to Encourage Compliance with Environmental Regulations
Executive Summary
This discussion covers economic instruments that can be used to enforce compliance to environmental regulations in Zimbabwe. The author discusses both instruments/tools that are already adopted in Zimbabwe and other tools that can be adopted by Zimbabwe to enlist good environmental practices. The impact on compliance of both adopted instruments and instruments available for adoption are discussed. The views of various authorities in the field of environmental management are integrated into this discussion. The focus is on ensuring that Zimbabwe takes a world class view on economic instruments to ensure compliance with world class environmental standards.

About tafadzwamagejo

Tafadzwa Magejo is a confident, hardworking and highly self-motivated production manager /manufacturing engineer/ project manager/business improvement enthusiast/systems architect and analyst with a precise mix of technical, financial and leadership skills. My main interests are project management, business process reengineering/optimization and systems engineering. I have more than 6 years post graduate experience in the manufacturing industry, spanning the following industries: printing and packaging industries (tissue manufacturing and conversion, newspaper and stationery printing and envelope manufacturing); Plastics conversion industries (plastic pipe extrusion, sewer component injection moulding, ball point pen component extrusion, molding and assembly).
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