The Benefits of Green Manufacturing for TN’s Manufacturers

one of the pillars of world class manufacturing is green manufacturing. We have to come to the realisation that going green is not only a corporate social responsibility, but that it also is a great way of reducing manufacturing costs and hence improve competitiveness.

Made In Tennessee

Green ManufacturingYou’ve probably heard the phrase “going green” before. At first, you most likely heard about “going green” from celebrities… and they were often referring to taking quick showers or driving particular cars. But then, the manufacturing community learned about a different type of “going green.” This meant implementing more environmentally sustainable practices – initiatives that would help TN manufacturers realize many benefits!

As a manufacturer in Tennessee, you can do the following by embracing green manufacturing principles:

  • Appeal to more customers by improving your brand awareness
  • Manage energy costs
  • Reduce waste and save production costs by reusing materials
  • Improve production processes and efficiencies

In today’s competitive environment, green manufacturing is becoming an important business strategy for the manufacturing community. Customers and suppliers now weigh how “green” a company is when making a purchasing decision.

Manufacturers were initially hesitant to embrace green initiatives, as they were associated with higher production costs…

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About tafadzwamagejo

Tafadzwa Magejo is a confident, hardworking and highly self-motivated production manager /manufacturing engineer/ project manager/business improvement enthusiast/systems architect and analyst with a precise mix of technical, financial and leadership skills. My main interests are project management, business process reengineering/optimization and systems engineering. I have more than 6 years post graduate experience in the manufacturing industry, spanning the following industries: printing and packaging industries (tissue manufacturing and conversion, newspaper and stationery printing and envelope manufacturing); Plastics conversion industries (plastic pipe extrusion, sewer component injection moulding, ball point pen component extrusion, molding and assembly).
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