Defining God-The first cause (Engineering Religion)

Manufacturing and GOD

Image God created the earth (All the matter that we play with in manufacturing, and all the engineers that tinker with this matter)


The word manufacturing comes from the compound ablative Manus (to make) Factus (by Hand). Manufacturing is thus a creation of objects from the hand of a man. From the book of Genesis we find out that God created man in his own image and likeness ( meaning that the creative nature of man is just as intended by God). If thus our inspiration comes from God (Elohim) it is imperative that we understand this God. Today we look at God the manufacturer of the earth and all that is within it the one that inspires man and engineers.

The resourcefulness of God, his agility and how he created the earth that always evolves and continually improves eternally is what inspires the  continuous evolution of the current manufacturing plant. What we call world class manufacturing has already been achieved by God in the most simple of his creations. Hence we see more and more  engineers borrowing a leaf from nature to inspire their designs and their factories.

So who is God?

A general definition of this great First Cause, as far as human words dare attempt one, may be thus given: The eternal, independent, and self-existent Being: the Being whose purposes and actions spring from himself, without foreign motive or influence: he who is absolute in dominion; the most pure, the most simple, and most spiritual of all essences; infinitely benevolent, beneficent, true, and holy: the cause of all being, the upholder of all things; infinitely happy, because infinitely perfect; and eternally self-sufficient, needing nothing that he has made: illimitable in his immensity, inconceivable in his mode of existence, and indescribable in his essence; known fully only to himself, because an infinite mind can be fully apprehended only by itself. In a word, a Being who, from his infinite wisdom, cannot err or be deceived; and who, from his infinite goodness, can do nothing but what is eternally just, right, and kind. Reader, such is the God of the Bible; but how widely different from the God of most human creeds and apprehensions!


We continually work on lean six sigma to ensure we reduce errors and wastefulness such that we can also reach a stage where we can develop a system that can not err.Just like God never errs and is never wasteful

The words always right the first time have always been said in most manufacturing firms and large stickers are plastered on the walls, this is a characteristic of God always right every time.

This moment lets take time as engineers to be inspired by God who daily inspires us to design and develop those systems we call world class.


About tafadzwamagejo

Tafadzwa Magejo is a confident, hardworking and highly self-motivated production manager /manufacturing engineer/ project manager/business improvement enthusiast/systems architect and analyst with a precise mix of technical, financial and leadership skills. My main interests are project management, business process reengineering/optimization and systems engineering. I have more than 6 years post graduate experience in the manufacturing industry, spanning the following industries: printing and packaging industries (tissue manufacturing and conversion, newspaper and stationery printing and envelope manufacturing); Plastics conversion industries (plastic pipe extrusion, sewer component injection moulding, ball point pen component extrusion, molding and assembly).
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