Technology changing the way we do things everyday: A case of the Newspaper Industry

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The digital age is changing the world as we used to know it. Print newspapers are rapidly becoming the exclusive domains of doctor’s office waiting rooms and  reception areas for corporations . To a certain degree this is not so terrible. Newsprint was never an especially good way of transmitting information. Reading things on a computer or a Kindle seems far more pleasant.  Information is now just available at the click of a button, gone are the days when you had to drive or walk to the nearest business center to buy a newspaper.  Will the  traditional newspaper industry survive?  Is it true that by 2038  there will only be one newspaper (traditional paper printed on newsprint) still printing and that it will be in Africa? Ross Dawson a leading futurist entrepreneur and strategist  maps out interesting predictions  for the extinction of the newspaper  see Ross’s timeline here   is Ross correct?

It seems that the predictions and all the noise about the traditional newspaper dying are true. Pulp and paper industry reports  have continuously shown   a depressed demand for newsprint paper in the last few  years, the decline has been attributed  to the closure of small publishing companies  due to the digital age.  An example closer to home is the closure of the Merebank, KwaZulu-Natal newsprint machine by MONDI, this is a clear sign that the days of the newsprint are now numbered.

ALPHA Media Holdings (AMH) chairman Trevor Ncube in his guest lecture at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Zimbabwe, urged players in the printing and publishing age if they wanted to remain competitive in this market see Ncube urges papers to adapt or die   the business magnate  sheds light on a fundamental issue of Agility in any given industry.  If you don’t adapt to the trends you are left out and you will definitely die.  Enterprises need to have agile manufacturing systems or just agile systems that can adapt to changes as they if they are to avoid death. What does it mean to be Agile?? Being agile means being able to respond adequately to changes.Why is it important to respond adequately to changes?Because the environment we live in changes all time and it has been changing faster over the years. If we don’t respond adequately to those changes we may end up doing things inadequately, i.e., things that won’t get us to our objectives.

The newspaper industry is not the only industry being affected by technology all industries across the globe are being forced to upgrade if they are to remain competitive.  Technology has indeed changed the way we used to do things, we now have to do them faster more efficiently and correctly each time.  Gone are the days when old  machinery was shipped to Africa from the Europe and America and the companies importing such machines would be competitive for at least 20 years with the same old machinery. The current trends demand that the latest technologies in Europe be utilized in Africa as well.


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Tafadzwa Magejo is a confident, hardworking and highly self-motivated production manager /manufacturing engineer/ project manager/business improvement enthusiast/systems architect and analyst with a precise mix of technical, financial and leadership skills. My main interests are project management, business process reengineering/optimization and systems engineering. I have more than 6 years post graduate experience in the manufacturing industry, spanning the following industries: printing and packaging industries (tissue manufacturing and conversion, newspaper and stationery printing and envelope manufacturing); Plastics conversion industries (plastic pipe extrusion, sewer component injection moulding, ball point pen component extrusion, molding and assembly).
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