I used to say that I am a proud Zimbabwean until I found out my father was actually a Malawian using a Zimbabwean surname thanks to the great federation of Nyasa land and Rhodesia.  I currently reside in the Hub of the Southern African economy (South Africa) and if I am going to have any issues they are probably going to be called South Africans who are from Zimbabwe with roots in Malawi.

Zim SAZim Malawi

So now I am a proud Zimbabwean Malawian residing in South Africa  ( I am Bantu I am from Southern Africa)  and I take pride in that lake Nyasa brings forth life and the Great Zimbabwe ruins are an indicator of a sophisticated  African people that constructed this great city (not the queen of Sheba as many would love to think), the South African  economy is just a marvel (First World!!!) . I therefore have pride in my roots and my three countries and their beautiful and peaceful people .

I am a manufacturing professional with a strong desire to see the  African economies excelling  through improved and World Class Manufacturing Systems.

I will talk about all factors affecting manufacturing and my continent. I hope in those posts a few people will be inspired to drive change.  All things manufacturing and all things excellent…..


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